Cars and their impact
Tory and Kaitlin - C period and Kate and MinSung - E period

Possibly the most significant change during the 1920's was the mass production of the Car started by Henry Ford, he had manufactured and sold some 15 million Model-Ts by 1927

Some Major car brands of the 1920’s

  • Ford
  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Dodge
  • Lincoln
The wealthy bought cars from overseas, such as Rolls Royce and Mercedes.

Many of the features cars of the day include came from the 1920s. The 1920s were the time electric and hybrid cars were introduced, though they were not as popluar as gas-powered cars. Four wheel drive, front wheel drive, and mechanical brakes attached to all the wheels versus only the rear were all added in the 1920s. Most early cars were open tourers, meaning there were no windows or heating systems, however by the end of the 20s cars became enclosed with a heating and cooling system.

Car safety and formal driving rules were practically nonexistant

The largest impact of cars in the 1920s was the increase in vacations to far away places. Cars allowed people to travel much farther than horse drawn carriages could. Tourists did, however, have to plan their trip carefully because breakdowns were common at the time.

Motor Cars in the Jazz Age

Spoof on Driving in NYC


During the 1920s, prices of cars were very different.
  • 1920- This Austin 20 Touring Car $695
  • 1920- Packard Single 6 with 17 miles per gallon with Packard Quality $2975
  • 1920- Austin 20 Coupe $850
  • 1920- Austin 20 Landaulet $875
  • 1921- Buick Touring Car (six) Model D $650.00
  • 1921- Cadillac Touring Car $3940
  • 1921- Cadillac Victoria $4540
  • 1924- Chevrolet Superior Roadster $490.00
  • 1924- Chevrolet Various Vehicles (Roadsters, Touring Cars, Utility Coups, Sedans)From $490 to $795
  • 1924- Dort Six Five Passenger Touring Car $1095
  • 1924- Ford Runabout $265.00 ($85.00 extra for starter and dismountable rims)
  • 1925- Willys Overland with 6 Cylinders $985

The Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum is dedicated to the Ford Family. It hold exhibits of old fashioned cars that are still operating today. This link will take you to the images of the cars that the Henry Ford Museums holds. Henry Ford Museum


During the 1920s, Car's were advertised around the United States. These are examples of conman advertisements that were posted
The Pontiac was named after a small town in Michigan. The car dealer that sold Pontiacs was located in Pantiac, Michigan. The Pontiac was suppose to have speed better than anyother car and it was suppose to have great power. The orange indian symbol that is advertised above use to be their "symbol".
The Oakalnd Eight was the luxury car of the 1920s. It was named after the Oakland County. The was ment for the rich and famous.
The car industries started to advertise for women too.
The Franklin was a classic. It was made off of the Oakland but it cost much less and it was the normal family that couldn't afford the Oakland.


During 1922, the automotive business created the 12 cylinder car. It was the start for many more cars to have this type of engine in them. The cars of the 1920s were all stick shift. There were no automatics therefore driving a 12 cylinder car meant that there were 12 gear shifts that you could make while driving.

Car Designs
Here are the car body designs of the 1920s